The Vollmers Knife

We've had a dream to design our own handmade knife. To make this dream come true, we contacted Tobias A Heldqvist, who is a third-generation blacksmith. Together, Mats and Tobias collaborated to create the perfect classical chef's knife aligned with a chef's precise preferences. This resulted in a beautiful knife of carbon steel and local wood from Skåne. Each knife is handcrafted by Tobias himself and is now sold in a limited edition of 20 knives.

To order a knife, please send your request to

Price SEK 7,995.

The Vollmers Gift Card

Our gift card can be used at Vollmers Restaurant.

You can buy the gift card here. After purchase it will be emailed to you, ready to be printed out. The gift card is taken to the restaurant when it is ready to be used. The gift card is valid 2 years from the date of purchase.

It is important that you spell your email correctly when purchasing a gift card.


  • Selection from the granary: SEK 2695
  • Wine pairing: SEK 1695
  • Combined pairing: SEK 1200
  • Non-alcoholic pairing: SEK 800