Our menu

Skåne is colloquially referred to as the granary (kornboden in Swedish). This is also the name of our menu. You will enjoy the produce of rich Scanian soil, fused in a modern way with our history and traditions. Our menu has a strong connection to the local environment and the heritage which we are fortunate enough to have.

We welcome you to partake in Scanian nature and tradition and enjoy dinner with us.

You will be served a number of courses, and the experience usually lasts about 4 hours.


Please note that we cannot accommodate vegan or free from milk protein tasting menus. If informed no later than 48 hours before your visit, we can take allergies into account.

Wine menu

Our list of wine is ever-changing. We reserve the rights to make changes to it.

Wine menu (pdf)


  • Selection from the granary: SEK 2695
  • Wine pairing: SEK 1695
  • Combined pairing: SEK 1200
  • Non-alcoholic pairing: SEK 800


Dogs are very welcome to the restaurant. Please notify before arrival. We assume there will be no disturbance of the other guests.

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